Arno Dübel once became known on German TV with cheeky sayings, now Germany’s best-known unemployed wants to get off to a great start again. Dübel wants to be an actor. But the senior has one condition.

The long-term unemployed Arno Dübel wants to look for a new job. His big goal: acting. This is reported by the “Bild” newspaper, citing his manager Marcus Wenzel.

Dübel became known to German TV audiences through his pithy sayings like “Who works is stupid” on afternoon talk shows like “Arabella” in the early 2000s. According to “Bild”, the 66-year-old now lives on 18 square meters in a retirement home in Hamburg-Rahlstedt.

The actual

According to the report, manager Wenzel already has contracts with TV production companies that are ready to be signed. Accordingly, Dübel is to appear as an actor in the second season of the comedy series “Die Discounter” on Amazon Prime.

But one condition seems to have dowels. Manager Wenzel on Facebook: “He specifically stated in the live streams that he would like to have his own apartment again.” So from the unemployed pensioner to the TV star? Actually, Dübel has been doing this for 20 years.

According to a media report, there was a severe earthquake on Mars. It is said to be the strongest ever found on any other celestial body. Experts are puzzled by the observation of the NASA probe.

Fire brigade and police moved out with a large contingent to a parking lot at Öfendorfer Park in Hamburg on Friday afternoon. Families had grilled whole lambs there. On the instructions of the district office, however, the ritual festival was stopped.

Boris Becker is said to already be enjoying a celebrity bonus at Wandsworth prison. At least that’s what insider information from the “Bild” newspaper says. Not only could the tennis legend have his door open during the day – he was also allowed to make more calls than usual on his first day.


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