A Tibet Airlines plane caught fire Thursday morning at Chongqing airport in southwestern China after skidding off the runway, state media said, reporting injured passengers.

“A plane from Chongqing to Lhasa at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport skidded off the runway, causing an aircraft fire,” state television CCTV reported.

According to that medium, the device left the take-off runway when it was maneuvering to leave for Lhasa (southwest) and caught fire.

No casualties have been reported so far, and videos published by the local press show several fire trucks trying, with apparent success, to put out the fire.

The videos also show dozens of people leaving the plane and fleeing across the runway, some of them relatively close to the area of ​​fire, which appears to be concentrated in the front left of the plane.

At the moment, only an undetermined number of injuries have been reported, all of them minor, who have been transferred to medical facilities for treatment.

According to the official Global Times newspaper, a total of 122 people (113 passengers and 9 crew members) were on the plane at the time of the accident. All of them, the publication points out, were evacuated “safely”.

The recordings show the plane completely glued to the runway from the bottom, since the landing gear is not visible.

For the moment, Tibet Airlines only indicated to the local press that it was waiting to receive more information about what happened and that “first level emergency plans” had been activated.

This is not the only aviation accident recorded in China recently, since on March 21 a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 that covered the Kunming-Canton route abruptly fell to the ground, causing the death of its 132 occupants. .

That incident ended a streak of almost 12 years without serious aviation accidents in the Asian country.

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