Oh my gosh, don’t we all want our lives back, pre-pandemic lives? With partying and dancing and all that? It is probably the overwhelming majority who no longer want to know anything about Corona.

Alone: ​​Health Minister Karl Lauterbach warns of dangerous variants of the virus, a “killer variant”, and is planning in his department for the coming autumn. The “pandemic management concept” with a “strategy for more vaccination and vaccine purchases” is also included in the confidential work plan for May. A good six billion euros are planned for this. That means everything is to be expected.

And of all things, the super festival of Bavaria is coming towards autumn: the Munich Wiesn. This year, after a two-year break, it should finally take place again. Not only the city rejoices. Prissn and other foreigners are already buying lederhosen again. The big tents are (almost) sold out, at noon and in the evening, hype is guaranteed.

And to make the Oktoberfest – which starts on September 17th – even more special, rides and booths should open earlier, and the “Oide Wiesn” should run longer. Also a day longer than usual. October 3rd, a Monday, is reserved for fun.

One thing is clear: the prerequisite remains that the pandemic does not thwart anyone’s plans. Mayor Dieter Reiter has built liability clauses into the contracts so that the taxpayer does not have to bear the costs. But it doesn’t help much if the damned virus spoils the joy.

And when it’s back, will there be a “Team Caution” again, led by MP Markus Söder? So far he is for the Wiesn, like the landlords. Difficult, right?

Bayerischer Rundfunk interviewed Markus Schroer, a sociology professor in Marburg, as a precaution, let’s say. He explores why celebration is so deeply rooted in being human: out of the stresses of everyday life.

Schroer does not believe that war events and the victims that the pandemic has claimed worldwide endanger the need to catch up after this “long dry spell”. People, not least young people, need the physical, “meeting and ultimately also touching the other”.

Will that impress Schroer’s fellow professors Lauterbach? He has not become known as a “celebration beast” (legendary word from Bayern coach Louis van Gaal). However, Lauterbach is hurrying with the pandemic concept so that not only Bavaria can celebrate.

It remains daring. O’zapft is served – without conditions. OB Reiter is not entirely happy. The expected six million guests were different. As the Bavarian says: “Bassd scho. The main thing is that there’s nothing in the glass.”



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