According to Palestinian sources, a journalist was killed in confrontations between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians in the northern West Bank. The reporter from the Qatari TV station Al-Jazeera (Al-Jazeera), who is well-known in the Arab world, died after being shot in the head, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday. Another journalist from the Palestinian newspaper “Al-Quds” was shot during the incident in Jenin.

The Israeli army wrote on Twitter that soldiers had been deployed in Jenin to arrest terrorist suspects. Suspects shot the troops massively and threw explosives. The soldiers fired back and hits were identified. “It is investigating the possibility that journalists were hit, possibly by armed Palestinians,” it said. The incident will be investigated.

A wave of terror has killed 17 people in Israel since the end of March, and an Israeli security guard in the West Bank was also shot dead by Palestinians. Israel’s army has increased its operations in the occupied West Bank since the start of the wave of attacks. Especially in the area of ​​the city of Jenin, which is considered a stronghold of militant Palestinians, such military operations repeatedly lead to serious confrontations with residents.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, more than 20 Palestinians have been killed since the end of March. Several Palestinians have been killed in military operations, but also in their own attacks and clashes with the army.


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