Former LRM deputy M’jid El Guerrab was sentenced Thursday, May 12 in Paris to three years in prison, one of which is firm, and two years of ineligibility for the assault with a helmet on former socialist leader Boris Faure in 2017.

The one-year prison sentence will be converted into home detention with an electronic bracelet, said the Paris court. The prosecutor had demanded three years of imprisonment, including one year firm “arranged” and three years of ineligibility against M’jid El Guerrab.

The court also requested medical expertise from a neurologist to assess the sequelae suffered by Boris Faure following his head trauma. The 39-year-old deputy will have to pay 2,520 euros for this expertise and record a provision of 15,000 euros for damages, the final amount of which will be fixed later.

On August 30, 2017, an altercation broke out between the new LRM deputy for French nationals abroad and the then first PS secretary of the Federation of French Nationals Abroad, in front of a café in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

” All my excuses “

A dispute had opposed the two men since M’jid El Guerrab had chosen to leave the PS to run for the nomination of Emmanuel Macron’s party in the 2017 legislative elections. The tone had risen quickly between the two men and the deputy had struck two scooter helmet blows to the head of Boris Faure.

Suffering from a head trauma and a cerebral hemorrhage, Mr. Faure had undergone emergency surgery and had spent three days in intensive care, before being hospitalized again a few days later. His vital prognosis had been engaged for a time.

Faced with the outcry caused by the case, M’jid El Guerrab resigned from the presidential party in September 2017, while keeping his parliamentary mandate. He then joined the Agir ensemble group.

During the hearing on April 7, the deputy explained that he “got out of [his] hinges” in an “incomprehensible” way, while reaffirming that he had reacted to an aggressive gesture from Mr. Faure. He assured that he had become “fully aware of the seriousness of the gesture”: “I take advantage of the hearing to once again apologize to Boris for this act and this unpleasant moment that we are going through, him and me, especially him” , he had said. Regrets described by his former comrade as “tartufferie”.


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