Olaf Scholz has been Chancellor for almost nine months. Since then, the doppelganger agency from Mülheim an der Ruhr has been looking for a double for the chancellor – so far in vain.

It’s a mystery for agent Jochen Florstedt: he’s been looking for people who look like Scholz since the federal elections in autumn 2021. But for months he hasn’t found anyone who meets his criteria for a good doppelganger of the SPD politician, as he tells the German Press Agency says. But the agent cannot explain the current Scholz problem.

After all, Olaf Scholz looks like a million other bald men. “V-shaped eyebrows, the head goes up a bit at the back and the mischievous look” – these are the characteristics of the German Chancellor.

He received more than 50 applications, but there was not one candidate who could combine all of this. Florstedt only really drew hope from an application photo.

The applicant met many requirements. During a later phone call, however, it turned out that the man was 15 centimeters taller and 30 kilograms heavier than Scholz. “I can’t do that,” says Florstedt. The agent claims to be very critical: from eyes and mouth to stature and size, everything has to be right.

However, the double agent does not only have problems in the search for a doppelganger of the Federal Chancellor. He has not received a single application since the federal elections to fill the rest of the cabinet with politicians such as Christian Lindner (FDP) or Annalena Baerbock (Greens).

Florstedt is certain that there are thousands of people who could fit optically. Normally, addresses of applicants reached him regularly.

Florstedt suspects that many people are afraid of appearing as politician doubles. So many nasty comments would be made on social media. However, Jochen Florstedt does not give up hope of finding a suitable Scholz double. (dpa)



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