The disruptive actions related to the oil supply in Brandenburg continue. On Wednesday, the police on the premises of Mineralölverbundleitungs GmbH near Hangelsberg took a 28-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman into custody who had manipulated shut-off valves and chained themselves there. The woman had also glued herself, the police said.

The Last Generation group posted photos of activists apparently tampering with a pipeline on Twitter on Wednesday.

According to the information, a second action took place in Trampe in the Barnim district. There the police met two men aged 23 and 59 who had already climbed over the fence to the company premises and had access to the manual controls. The police also took these two men into custody.

Both the manipulation of the oil lines at the valve station near Hangelsberg and the attack on the station near Trampe result in criminal charges for trespassing and disruption of public services.


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