Rumors of separation about the unexpected celebrity dream couple have been circulating for a long time, but Marc Terenzi shows nothing of them. With extremely loving words he congratulates Jenny Elvers on her 50th birthday. So are they really going their separate ways?

It was arguably one of the most surprising celebrity news of the year: Marc Terenzi and Jenny Elvers fell in love while taking part in the TV show “Good Mood Club” together. The unexpected celebrity dream couple then made no secret of their love. On the contrary: they showed again and again how in love they are. But the love happiness of the two is said to have cracked: According to insider information at “”, Marc and Jenny allegedly separated after just four months of relationship. But is there any truth to these speculations? In any case, the rumor mill seems to leave Marc cold. He publicly congratulates Jenny on her birthday with affectionate words.

Today, May 11th, Jenny is celebrating her 50th birthday – supposedly with her family and not with Marc. But Sarah Connor’s ex-husband insisted on congratulating his loved ones online. For a cuddly photo of the two, he wrote in his Instagram story: “To the greatest woman. Happy 50th birthday. You are unique and you make me smile and that means everything to me. But is this actually proof that the alleged breakup isn’t true?

As “Bild” wants to know, the love-off is said to have come from Jenny. Whereas Marc has apparently made up his mind to win back the blonde. Even with Jenny, the end of the relationship should not be final. “Then Jenny wants to listen to her heart if they still have a chance as a couple,” a friend of the couple told the newspaper. It remains to be seen whether their love will actually endure in the future or whether Jenny and Marc’s relationship is finally history.

Marc Terenzi and Jenny Elvers have been a couple for a few months and are regularly in love on the internet. But now there should be a violent crisis between the two!

Marc Terenzi and Jenny Elvers recently announced their relationship. In an interview with, the singer now reveals what he loves about his Jenny.

Marc Terenzi and Jenny Elvers have been a couple since the beginning of the year. Although the two have known each other for years, Jenny and Marc fell in love while filming “The Good Mood Club”. In an exclusive interview with, Jenny reveals whether she and Marc are planning a future together.

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