Marc Terenzi and Jenny Elvers have been a couple for a few months and are regularly in love on the internet. But now there should be a violent crisis between the two!

This love news surprised many! In March 2022, Jenny Elvers (50) and Marc Terenzi (43) announced that they were a couple. Although they have known each other since 2016, it is said that there were sparks between the two at the beginning of the year while filming “Club of Good Moods”. Since their relationship has been public, Marc and Jenny have been more and more in love in public and online. Everyone should see how happy they are!

A few days ago, Jenny raved about her Marc in an interview with and said: “I’ve always found him attractive and I think that getting older suits him quite well. I find him even more attractive now than a few years ago.” Now, however, there is said to be a serious crisis between the two!

The attractive blonde is spending her 50th birthday on Wednesday (May 11), according to the “Bild” newspaper in northern Germany with her son Paul (21) and her parents. On the other hand, there is no trace of Marc! The reason: He is currently making a splash in Mallorca! Jenny is said to have separated from her partner a week ago – after only four months of relationship. However, as “Bild” wants to know, singer Sarah Connor’s ex-husband (41) is said to be fighting for his loved one. With success? Time will show.

However, a friend made it clear to “Bild” that Jenny and Marc’s future together does not necessarily look rosy: “Their love does not work in everyday life.” Nevertheless, the acquaintance does not rule out a love comeback: “Jenny wants to listen to her heart whether they still have a chance as a couple.”

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