(Quebec) The government of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) apologizes to the National Assembly for an error made “in good faith”.

The CAQ has launched a vast advertising campaign praising its results for the past four years in view of the next election campaign.

It highlights in particular the adoption of Bill 96 on the French language, when it has not yet taken this step, lamented Thursday at the Blue Room the parliamentary leader of Quebec solidaire, Christine Labrie.

To present it as a fait accompli is presumptuous and lacks respect for the legislative process, complained the deputy to the president of the National Assembly, François Paradis.

“This is a significant breach of respect for the institution,” she said.

Government House Leader Simon Jolin-Barrette then rose to offer a formal apology.

“It’s an honest mistake,” he said. This should not have happened, so we apologize to the National Assembly, Mr. President, and we will see that this situation does not happen again in the future. »

He added that the ads would be fixed.



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