Hollywood actor James Cromwell (82) glued himself to the counter of a branch in protest at Starbucks prices for vegan milk. During the campaign, Cromwell and other activists protested in New York on Tuesday (local time) against the fact that, according to the animal welfare organization Peta, Starbucks is charging a surcharge for vegan milk alternatives.

In a video released by Peta, the actor can be seen sitting on the coffee shop counter with another man. Both have one hand taped to the counter.

The approximately half-hour video shows police officers entering the café. Cromwell and the other activist eventually separate their hands from the counter themselves and exit the store. A PETA spokeswoman said in the video that they would have avoided being arrested. It was initially unclear whether a complaint would be filed against Cromwell.

Cromwell has acted in dozens of films, including L.A. Confidential”, “The Green Mile”, “The Queen” and “The Artist”. He was also nominated for a Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as the warm-hearted farmer in A Pig Called Babe (1995).



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