The sheltering operation, which began early in the morning, went smoothly and is now over, added at midday the Seine-Saint-Denis prefecture, which was carrying it out jointly with the prefecture. from the Ile-de-France region.

The refugees or asylum seekers, mainly men from Afghanistan, boarded buses, supervised by gendarmes and police, to be taken to accommodation centers, AFP noted on the spot.

Their exact destinations were not known at this stage.

“Here we have nothing, so it’s good for us if the police take us and give us a roof, it’s good for us,” said Mohamed Daoud, who fled Afghanistan.

“This should be the norm, they should not have to spend five months in an unsanitary camp in unworthy conditions to be able to access accommodation and dignified solutions”, underlined Philippe Caro, volunteer of the Solidarit√© Migrants collective. Wilson who, along with other residents, provided the exiles with aid, including meals.

“What should be done is for there to be the same treatment for everyone and in particular the treatment given to Ukrainian refugees which, for once, is rather at the right level”, he pointed out. .

“It’s the same problem every time, there are deliveries to the street in the hours or days that follow”, also regretted to AFP Pierre Mathurin, coordinator of the association for aid to migrants. Utopia 56, denouncing also the prohibition for volunteers to collect the equipment on site.


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