(OTTAWA) An annual rally of anti-abortion activists is scheduled to take place this Thursday on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

This is an event that usually attracts thousands of people.

The rally comes as the resurgence of the legal case Roe v. Wade in the United States revives the abortion debate not only in this country, but also in Canada.

On Wednesday, an anti-abortion group spoke to the Supreme Court of Canada about the implications of the US Supreme Court allowing states to ban pregnancy terminations.

Pete Baklinski, the group’s communications director, says a leaked document discussing the possibility of the top US court overturning the constitutional right to abortion suddenly caused the issue to explode in Canada.

Another activist, Josie Luetke, adds that the coalition expects Roe v. Wade is eventually overthrown, which he believes would be a step towards abolishing abortions not only in the United States, but also elsewhere in the world, including Canada.

A counter-demonstration by abortion rights activists is also due to take place on Thursday, near Parliament.



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