A 31-year-old man died during a police operation in the Waldhof district of Mannheim. Just a few days ago, a 47-year-old died in Mannheim as a result of a police check. In both cases, the exact cause of death is still unclear.

After another death after a police operation in Mannheim, an autopsy is to clarify the cause of death. An investigating judge ordered a “prompt” examination, as reported by the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Baden-Württemberg. It took over the investigation. The investigators are targeting the police use of firearms.

As the public prosecutor’s office and LKA announced on Tuesday, a previously injured 31-year-old died after a police shot in the leg. This was preceded by a domestic violence operation. Before the police arrived, the 31-year-old allegedly threatened to kill himself during an argument with his mother and inflicted serious cuts and stab wounds on himself.

According to the LKA, the police officers who were summoned tried to overwhelm the man with tear gas. When that didn’t work, there was a “targeted shot in the leg of the 31-year-old”. Shortly thereafter, the man who is said to have been in a mental state of emergency died.

In Mannheim, an incident only caused outrage about a week ago: on May 2, a 47-year-old died there after a police check in the hospital. Videos are circulating on the Internet that are supposed to show the operation. In it, an officer hits the head of a man lying on the ground.

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These film sequences and other information from witnesses are being examined by investigative authorities. According to earlier authorities, the man’s body showed signs of blunt force trauma, but “the intensity was low”. How the man died is still unclear.



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